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Alaskan Structure 

The Alaskan Small is manufactured by Alaska Structures as a means for the modern military to deal with the most hazardous environments, able to withstand extreme winds and snow making it the most durable tent in our inventory. The frame consists of thick aluminum square tubing that you piece together and later add the exterior canvas skin. Once those are in place, you may choose to add the secondary insulating layer of white interior liner which is made from a soft plastic material that features roll up windows and stove pipe vents. A soft off-white floor is then installed along with electrical and an ECU plenum for air distribution if you desire and now the tent is ready to withstand harsh punishment the elements may through at it. Some other features are also included in this tent such as one hard door on one end, a soft roll up door on the other end, and weatherproof designed windows. The tent comes in dozens of pieces so to ensure none of them get lost and to keep them protected from the elements, it’s stored in a large weatherproof container that is 4’ x 4’ x 8’ in size, making it easy for transport and storage. The Alaskan small is one of the most time consuming and intense to setup and take-down, recommended only when there is a specific need but well worth it under a harsh environment.

Alaskan ext.9 WATERMARKED.jpg

Alaska Structure Small

Size: 20' W X 32.5' L X 10' T
Qty: 3 Tan

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