Base-X is manufactured by the renowned company HDT to fit the needs of our modern military to be highly mobile, compact, rapid setup, and highly interconnectable with tons of configurations and setup options, making this brand of tents flexible and durable. Each tent features a sophisticated aluminum pole frame design and can withstand high winds and harsh environments with ease. The exterior canvas skin is fixed to the frame, making it a one-piece design with the liner being a secondary option and a separate component. The liner is a secondary layer of canvas skin that attaches to the interior of the tent to provide better insulation and weather proofing from the elements. It includes white ceilings and walls with multiple roll up doors and windows as well as a detachable green soft floor. Electrical cables and ECU plenums for air distribution are also built into the liner, making it one complete ready-to-go package. Base-X is one of our highly recommended and current military issue products that comes in an assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes.

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DRASH Series

The DRASH series are also manufactured by HDT and just like Base-X, it too is modern military issue sharing the same need to be highly mobile, compact, rapid setup, and inter-connectable. This series of tents come in various colors, sizes, and all have a dome-like shape to them with the white secondary layer canvas skin liner fixed to the tent, eliminating the time and labor of having to attach it as well as keeping the tent one package. This advanced design saves countless of hours and labor during the setup and take-down process with each tent taking a matter of minutes to erect with a trained crew.  This makes this series of tents a fan favorite having to erect it in a swift manner, install the soft green floor, and install any electrical cables or ECU plenums for air distribution if you desire, and now its mission ready. The frame is both a complex design and engineering marvel featuring advanced Titanite poles which are a fiberglass composite mix, making them very durable, light weight, and flexible. There are multiple series or DRASH for various purposes such as the S series that make great standalone tents, the J series for command centers and vehicle/aircraft hangars, and the MX/XB series that complement the J series and are the most inter-connectable. DRASH is one of our most highly recommended products especially for large tent cities where time and rapid setup are a key factor.

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Alaska Structure

The Alaskan Small is manufactured by Alaska Structures as a means for the modern military to deal with the most hazardous environments, able to withstand extreme winds and snow making it the most durable tent in our inventory. The frame consists of thick aluminum square tubing that you piece together and later add the exterior canvas skin. Once those are in place, you may choose to add the secondary insulating layer of white interior liner which is made from a soft plastic material that features roll up windows and stove pipe vents. A soft off-white floor is then installed along with electrical and an ECU plenum for air distribution if you desire and now the tent is ready to withstand harsh punishment the elements may through at it. Some other features are also included in this tent such as one hard door on one end, a soft roll up door on the other end, and weatherproof designed windows. The tent comes in dozens of pieces so to ensure none of them get lost and to keep them protected from the elements, it’s stored in a large weatherproof container that is 4’ x 4’ x 8’ in size, making it easy for transport and storage. The Alaskan small is one of the most time consuming and intense to setup and take-down, recommended only when there is a specific need but well worth it under a harsh environment.



Our frame category consists of two different model of tents which include the Frame/Temper tent which is 16’ x 16’ in size and the gargantuan LME, both have various manufacturers with Camel being the predominant one. Both tents are highly durable, share similar parts, and setup/take-down procedure with the LME being a bit more complex due to its size. The smaller Frame/Temper is an older tent highly used during the Vietnam era and sees little to no use in the modern military. It’s limited inter-connectability and a whopping 45+ minute setup time made it obsolete after more advanced systems were introduced to the market. The frame is made up of rectangular aluminum tubing that is pieced together, and the exterior canvas skin is added on top later in the process. We don’t provide the white interior liners or the soft floors to these tents and the interior color of the exterior canvas skin varies from white, black, and green depending on the year of manufacture. The LME still sees some use to this day due to there not being many vehicle maintenance tents available in the market, but is a very time consuming and intense setup and take-down process requiring multiple hours and a large crew. It can house one large truck or multiple HUMVEEs and has a very tall ceiling height for clearance. The tent has large doors on both sides that swing open, creating a large vehicle entrance as well as a smaller soft door to the side for personnel. Other features include multiple windows on the sides and white color interior, we do not provide the extreme weather liner or soft floor for this tent. Both the Frame/Temper and LME are good options if you are in need for a more historical looking tent or a massive vehicle maintenance shelter.



The Hex GP Small is a piece of history manufactured in the 1950’s featuring an old tent design with poles holding up the canvas exterior skin and wind lines holding it in place. It comes in a small, one bag package and is very light weight but is limited to the type of terrain it can be setup in. Concrete and asphalt terrain are not an option due to the tent’s dependence on wind lines and need to be setup on dirt. It features two doors and ceiling vents, but no windows and its light duty construction makes it vulnerable against heavy winds and snow. We do not provide the cotton liners and soft floors to these tents. The Hex tent is a great option for an authentic old historical look and even closely resembles the look of both World War tents.


Wel-Fab Decontamination System

The Decontamination system is manufactured by Wel-Fab and is entirely inflatable to provide maximum portability, space efficiency, and rapid deployment. It’s used by the modern military for disaster sites and hazardous zones whether to decontaminate items or for safety processing personnel. The system comes in multiple section, each with a different task such as a shower system, boot cleaning area, and decontamination area. Each section may be orientated in whatever layout the mission requires and are each stored in small weatherproof containers with wheels to ensure portability and safe storage of the system. It inflates in a matter of minutes and has wind lines that attach to sandbags to keep the structure standing firm and protect it from moderate winds. The system is designed for rapid setup but is not intended for long-term setup or heavy winds and snow. A highly recommended rare and unique item for disaster sites.