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GP Hex

The Hex GP Small is a piece of history manufactured in the 1950’s featuring an old tent design with poles holding up the canvas exterior skin and wind lines holding it in place. It comes in a small, one bag package and is very light weight but is limited to the type of terrain it can be setup in. Concrete and asphalt terrain are not an option due to the tent’s dependence on wind lines and need to be setup on dirt. It features two doors and ceiling vents, but no windows and its light duty construction makes it vulnerable against heavy winds and snow. We do not provide the cotton liners and soft floors to these tents. The Hex tent is a great option for an authentic old historical look and even closely resembles the look of both World War tents.

GP HEX: Text

General Purpose Hex Tent Small

  • Size: 17.6'W X 17.6' L X 10.3'T 

  • Sq Ft: 198

  • Qty: 2 Green

GP HEX: Rentals
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