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Military Tents

The Top Military Tent Options Available at WMR

We are experts in the field of Military tents and have high standards when it comes to providing top quality equipment to customers in the Atlanta, GA area and beyond. If you’re in the market for renting quality Military tents, here is a look at some of our most popular products we have available

Base-X Series

Our Base-X series are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors ranging from the 505 maintenance tent that can store large trucks and vehicles to the 103, which is just large enough for a cot and gear. This series is also one of our most highly interconnectable tents and are known for their rapid setup and durable design 

DRASH Series

Our DRASH series also come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors as well as being highly interconnectable. This series is known for being lightweight, high quality, and very quick to setup at a moment’s notice as well as being the Military's most advanced tent technology 

Alaska Structures

Our Alaska structures tent was designed to stand up to harsh weather environments and very strong winds. It comes in a unique semicircle shape with a very strong and durable metal framework as well as a built in hard door. Time consuming to setup but well worth it in the right environment 


The frame collection includes our lightweight maintenance enclosure and temper/frame tent. These two models were used during the Vietnam war and began being phased out of service sometime near the early 90's when more advanced tent technologies were developed. They are a great choice for historical tents


Our general-purpose hex tent has a very simplistic design featuring nothing but old fashioned canvas with wind lines and poles that hold it up. Manufactured in the 50's and phased out of service sometime after the Vietnam war makes this our oldest tent yet

Wel-Fab Contamination

Our Wel-fab decontamination system is a very unique specialty product for those who are handling hazardous materials and need a safe, portable environment to do so. It comes packaged in multiple Hardigg cases for easy transportation and storage along with an inflatable design with multiple parts that can be oriented based on specific needs

At WMR, we strive to be the leading Military tent rental provider and hold a very high standard for our products, delivering exceptional quality. When you need high-grade Military equipment that can withstand anything, 

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