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Decontamination System

The Decontamination system is manufactured by Wel-Fab and is entirely inflatable to provide maximum portability, space efficiency, and rapid deployment. It’s used by the modern military for disaster sites and hazardous zones whether to decontaminate items or for safety processing personnel. The system comes in multiple section, each with a different task such as a shower system, boot cleaning area, and decontamination area. Each section may be orientated in whatever layout the mission requires and are each stored in small weatherproof containers with wheels to ensure portability and safe storage of the system. It inflates in a matter of minutes and has wind lines that attach to sandbags to keep the structure standing firm and protect it from moderate winds. The system is designed for rapid setup but is not intended for long-term setup or heavy winds and snow. A highly recommended rare and unique item for disaster sites.


Wel-Fab Decontamination System

  • Qty: 1

  • 5 Containers are included 

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