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DRASH series are manufactured by HDT and is a marvel in modern military shelter design featuring advanced materials in its construction allowing it to be the most mobile, compact, rapid setup, and inter-connectable shelter system available. This series of tents come in various colors, sizes, and all have a dome-like shape to them with the white secondary layer canvas skin liner fixed to the tent, eliminating the time and labor of having to attach it as well as keeping the tent one package. This advanced design saves countless of hours and labor during the setup and take-down process with each tent taking a matter of minutes to erect with a trained crew.  This makes this series of tents a fan favorite having to erect it in a swift manner, install the soft green floor, and install any electrical cables or ECU plenums for air distribution if you desire, and now its mission ready. The frame is both a complex design and engineering marvel featuring advanced Titanite poles which are a fiberglass composite mix, making them very durable, light weight, and flexible. There are multiple series or DRASH for various purposes such as the S series that make great standalone tents, the J series for command centers and vehicle/aircraft hangars, and the MX/XB series that complement the J series and are the most inter-connectable. DRASH is one of our most highly recommended products especially for large tent cities where time and rapid setup are a key factor.

DRASH: Rentals

J Series

  • Size: 31.3'W X 51.4'L X 12.2'T

  • Sq Ft: 1,250 (1 section with end caps)

  • Qty: 5 Tan/1 Green

Drash MX 2.watermarked..jpg

M Series

  • Size: 18'W X 29.1'L X 9.7'T

  • Sq Ft: 442 (1 section with end caps)

  • Qty: 22 Tan 

11 drash 6XB.watermarked..jpg


  • Size: 13.6'W X 33.6'L X 8.8'T

  • Sq Ft: 413.4

  • Qty: 3 Tan

1 drash hygene.watermarked..jpg

6XB Mobile Hygiene System

  • Size: 13.6'W X 33.6'L X 8.8'T

  • Sq Ft: 413.4

  • Qty: 1 Tan



  • Size: 13.6'W X 29.6'L X 8.8'T

  • Sq Ft: 358.8

  • Qty: 1 Tan

Drash 3XB 1.watermarked..jpg


  • Size: 13.6'W X 21.6'L X 8.8'T

  • Sq Ft: 249

  • Qty: 1 Tan

10 drash 2xb.watermarked..jpg


  • Size: 13.6'W X 17.6'L X 8.8'T

  • Sq Ft: 195

  • Qty: 3 Tan

1 drash 6s.watermarked..jpg


  • Size: 11.5' W x 36.5' L x 8.3' T

  • Sq ft: 402

  • Qty: 1 Green

3 drash 6st.watermarked..jpg


  • Size: 11.5' W x 33.3' L x 8.3' T

  • Sq ft: 371.8

  • Qty: 2 Green

  • (Note: One side has an open end)

4 drash 4s.watermarked..jpg


  • Size: 11.5' W X 26.5' L X 8.3' T 

  • Sq ft: 283.6

  • Qty: 1 Green



  • Size: 11.5' W x 21.5' L x 8.3' T

  • Sq ft: 226.1

  • Qty: 1 Green

Drash 3ST 1.watermarked..jpg


  • Size: 11.5'W X 18.3'L X 8.3' T 

  • Qty: 1 Tan

  • (Note: One side has an open end)

3 drash 2s.watermarked..jpg


  • Size: 11.5' W X 16.5' L X 8.3' T 

  • Sq ft: 168.6

  • Qty: 2 Green

1 Drash 1S.watermarked..jpg


  • Size: 11.5' W X 11.5' L X 8.3' T 

  • Sq ft: 112

  • Qty: 1 Green

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