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The MX is a large sized variant of the DRASH M series and takes a trained crew a matter of minutes to setup/take-down. This tent is large enough to fit multiple roles such as command center, housing personnel, or serve as a medical facility. Its size is perfect as stand-alone but can also inter-connect to larger or smaller tents. This series is much more flexible in its ability to configurate compared to the XB and S series. Each tent comes with three parts, a mid-section and two endcaps which you can either connect as usual and have a standard tent, or you may connect multiple mid-sections to make longer tents. You may also leave the endcaps off and have it open-ended for roles such as drive through testing sites. The exterior canvas skin as well as a secondary layer of white interior canvas skin called a liner is built into the frame, giving the tent a “one-piece” design, the liner’s purpose is to provide additional insulation. Electrical, plenum for air distribution, and a soft green floor can also be installed if necessary. The frame consists of advanced Titanite poles which are a fiberglass composite mix, making them very durable, light weight, and flexible.

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Drash MX 1
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