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Frame Tents

Our frame category consists of two different model of tents which include the Frame/Temper tent which is 16’ x 16’ in size and the gargantuan LME, both have various manufacturers with Camel being the predominant one. Both tents are highly durable, share similar parts, and setup/take-down procedure with the LME being a bit more complex due to its size. The smaller Frame/Temper is an older tent highly used during the Vietnam era and sees little to no use in the modern military. It’s limited inter-connectability and a whopping 45+ minute setup time made it obsolete after more advanced systems were introduced to the market. The frame is made up of rectangular aluminum tubing that is pieced together, and the exterior canvas skin is added on top later in the process. We don’t provide the white interior liners or the soft floors to these tents and the interior color of the exterior canvas skin varies from white, black, and green depending on the year of manufacture. The LME still sees some use to this day due to there not being many vehicle maintenance tents available in the market, but is a very time consuming and intense setup and take-down process requiring multiple hours and a large crew. It can house one large truck or multiple HUMVEEs and has a very tall ceiling height for clearance. The tent has large doors on both sides that swing open, creating a large vehicle entrance as well as a smaller soft door to the side for personnel. Other features include multiple windows on the sides and white color interior, we do not provide the extreme weather liner or soft floor for this tent. Both the Frame/Temper and LME are good options if you are in need for a more historical looking tent or a massive vehicle maintenance shelter.


Lightweight Maintenance Enclosure (LME)

  • Size: 24'W X 32'L X 15'T

  • Sq Ft: 768

  • Qty: 1 Green


Temper (Frame) Tent

  • Size: 16'W X 16'L X 8'T

  • Sq Ft: 256

  • Qty: 9 Green

  • Note: Canvas can be used inside-out for white appearance 

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